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Kursana Domizil Lingen

Living in the green

Lingen, a town with over a thousand years of history in the heart of the Emsland region, impresses with a well-preserved townscape and a beautiful greenery. Kursana Domizil Lingen is directly located at the health resort gardens of Lingen and in the immediate vicinity of the Hedon Clinic. 

Kursana – A safe home

Kursana aims to enable older people to enjoy life to the fullest in a comfortable surrounding, promote a self-determined life in the community and provide support in every situation, around the clock.

Kursana’s domiciles, residences and villas combine all requirements of good care under one roof. As one of the leading private service providers in the field of elderly care with 116 locations and 6,800 employees, Kursana has created a brand name that is associated with quality, customer orientation and social commitment.

The MDK quality audit, perfomed on 05.02.2020, confirmes the high quality of service. In all five quality areas to be reviewed no or only minor deficits were found. According to the new MDK regulations for quality evaluations Kursana reached the highest possible.